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a reply here that says -- or something that says "permittee must give requests to the sfpd within 10 days notice. encourage to work with neighborhood steering committee request for curfew" so there is a limit on how many can go to 1030 and how many to 10:00 o'clock but within a 10 day notice that could change the time and it might go later. is that what i am seeing here? i'm just a little confused by that. >> i think the easiest way to consider this is go back to what was initially agreed on by this commission. consider more general language for the purposes of planning going forward, and then consider the difference in the way that condition that you have reads in italics versus the letter, and think about the most simple way you can give instruction to the applicant and to any other parties involved in that, so that they can move forward with knowledge of what they're expected to do. the other thing that is really important to do is make sure these conditions as always are enforceable by this commission. if they're in the permit and we're going to be looked at to enforce the condit
on the first item, the sentence that sfpd is encouraged to work with the neighborhood steering committee for request of curfew extension. what does that mean? it seems vague. what if there is squawking then and what happens to the extensions? >> commissioner, the request initially in the letter was for the commission to consider a condition of the permit to require the permittee to work with the sfpd and the neighborhood steering committee to allow extensions. however, the commission can't desolve that type of responsibility to a neighborhood group, so therefore it had to translate into the commission directing the applicant to work with another city department and then encouraging that city department to work with the neighborhood groups. however, it's vague because there isn't a standard per se for what is -- you know, working with our outreach. it's just important that we reiterate how we feel about that process. does that make sense? did that help you? >> we also believe that the san francisco police department will use their best effort and their best practices to resolve any d
notice. sfpd is encouraged to work with the neighborhood steering committee for requests of extensions. two, the permittee should abide by contract between america's cup and the port of san francisco to remove all site improvements and repair any damage by october 31, 2013, and lastly no more than 30 concerts at the maximum capacity of 9287 are otherwise set by sf fire department. and further authorizing our director to present these recommendations to the board of appeals together with any other corresponding amendments and clarifications to the permit that may arise for approval by the board of appeals and that is my motion. >> second anybody? >> i will second. >> okay. second it. now we can open the discussion if you choose commissioners. >> you know we have a world class event going on in this city and i understand that this brings with it some inconvenience and noise and traffic, and again i understand that is considered a hardship. however, being part of a community is not always getting what you want or desire. it's about making a compromise, and i honestly believe that nine
injury so sfpd is investigating that. the last thing of note is i met with the seller at 685 sutter street during the week and went over the safety and security concerns and talked about what they specifically needed to improve so it's kind of a thing in progress, so right now we have dialogue with them, and i think that about covers it. any questions or comments? >> on the sutter what are they missing? the outside getting rid of people? >> yeah, they have the area in front. to the left there is scaffolding and creating challenges. i talked to the city regarding that and if they have a valid permit. they also have a parking lot across the street and we're doing with that and a hot dog vendor and illegal hot dog vendor and nice to sober up but it creates a nuisance and the drunks come out and linger with the hot dog and that exposure with drunks and being loud can either create problems or fights in the area, so we're trying to hit it take cake of a lot of problems as well as the security. we talked about them not blocking the sidewalk. with a small sidewalk we have the issues
a surveillance system and a copy given to sfpd. a list of special events be e-mailed to police station on major events on weekly basis. >> well, i think we had the public comment already. so matters with the commission? we have a motion? >> i would like to move to approve with the three conditions that sfpd has placed on it and would give them 2 months with community outreach because i do not feel this is fully vetd with the community. >> okay. do we have a second? >> second. >> all right. >> commissioner hurley, perez, president, aye. okay. good luck and for the sake of expediency it's going to be a quick item. i'm going to jump to 5 d and armory community center. >> commissioner akers, microphone is not on. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> all right. this is a permit for the drill court of the armory. they are seeking a permit to have the ability to rent out the space for expos, and community events. it's a large space depending on the type of event. the planning department has given approval for planning code 102.2. in your memo, i gave you a copy that have planning code so you can refer to it.
with the owner and manager and sfpd and at that time they agreed to surrender their entertainment permit by the end of the day. we did receive that and that was sent to all parties concerned. 330 richmond has been closed and we understand that location will be a full restaurant and no longer be an entertainment venue. there is a lot of media on that. hopefully now everyone is clear on the exact situation and we can move forward. that concludes my report. you want to pick it up from here? >> commissioners again we do have a full agenda and full room. i will keep it brief. quickly saint patrick's day which was march 16 went off pretty well citywide. this year the saint patrick's parade was on a saturday. when the day rolled around the city was partied out. so saint patrick day itself was pretty low key. nothing major incident wise and the city was relatively pretty busy, lots of deployment from sfpd and everything was handled pretty well. a list have -- of incidents few that i will mention, 3130 mission mission incidents out of this particular menu. we've already started talking to missio
legislative package on april 9 and in addition we plan on riding along with the sfpd on sting operations in the near future. april 9 we plan on requesting that the sfpd do the sting operations more often and expand to new locations. seeking to be engaged in these efforts they have engaged them scprt departments to involve our committee and the public during the commencement of projects until after the fact. unfortunately we are rarely notified about pedestrian safety issues. for example i haven't seen any reply about the mayor's task force which is already met and i find out things only through the news once they are reported. there is obviously a clear lack of communication and coordination between the departments. moving forward we promise to speak for those without a voice and those that have been killed or hurt and like you heard earlier the three people hit by cars in our great city. we take seriously now the privilege of representing san francisco citizens and their best interest and we promise to advance in a new direction with unrelenting resolve to effect meaningful change
data and the dangerous intersections so we understand the problem. then we will have sfpd talk about the enforcement plan and also we need to change behavior. part of that happens through the enforcement with sfpd. next we have sf mta to talk about the intersections that we are prioritizing the timeline. how they have been working with the data in order to identify the streets and the intersections we are going to look at, and we also have department of public works here to talk about the intersection improvements and last we have staff from sfmta and capital planning how we fund the efforts that we have put together, so i know i said dph first but first we want an overview of the pedestrian strategies, so from the task force we have tim popdrio who you will present the overview. >> other opening comments from other supervisors. >> i'm sorry. >> supervisor kim anything else? >> no. >> president chiu. >>i would like to make a couple of comments and thank supervisor kim and our colleagues for the renewed attention to this very serious issue. in my first years before they were on th
, however, the chief determined that this was not a violation t. was a policy failure because sfpd data collection policy specifically refers to vehicles, not bicycles. ~ this case demonstrates the narrowness of the police department traffic stop data collection policy since it can be narrowly interpreted to apply only to vehicles. in other jurisdictions, there are broader stop data collection requirements that apply to all stops, not just traffic stops. so, since it was a policy failure, the officer was not disciplined. neglected duty -- >> the chief [speaker not understood] >> yes, as with all policy failures, there is a policy enacted to address that. our current policy was that bicycle wasn't within the vehicles because the officers are told by the vehicle code, which is not a bicycle. we have since put out a permanent bulletin to ask that that be the case going forward on bicycles. >> we will vet to disclose any or all item discussed in closed session. do i have a motion? >> [speaker not understood]. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we will move to line item number 8, adjourn
there and how can we support that and get the quarterly reports from sfpd to put that data in? >> on our end, the receiving end, we are developing the data sharing agreements with the departments including the hospital and the police department and the ambulance and the cor94 and we have designed a system to collect the data and remove the duplications, the technical side of that. on the police department's end i think they're working on getting the technology to more quickly record the data, so i will let them speak. there is no roadblock in them giving the data to us. it's just they're having -- there are issues on their end so we're prepared. we're deploying new staff to this function and we spent about a year designing that function so we're excited about that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am anna and i am going to talk about pedestrian safety as it relates to schools in our city. i manage the safe routes to school project and one of the key indicators in this strategy is increase walking trips to and from school so i wanted to give you a quick overview
of that is with the new police officers that we will get, but do you feel like sfpd has strategy to meet that goal? >> most definitely. i think the answer to that goal is a fully staffed police department. your average officer in the field contributes to traffic enforcement. then you have your specialists if you will of traffic enforcers and those are the folks are motorcycles, so as we increase both numbers i am thinking we're definitely going to see an increase in traffic enforcement much to the chagrin of those violating the law. >> my last question is kind of -- has several different concepts, but do you have any concrete stories of success in terms of sfpd's ability to do enforcement where you saw reductions, things that were helpful getting the outcomes that we want to see which are safer streets? >> sure. >> one thing i want to add and one thing helpful with captain o'leary coming to the work groups and can personally hear from the residents. we found that communication helpful but it's great to hear what is successful in this area? >> sure one of the -- i kind of highlight one of the s
officer from sfpd, which was really informational, an informative and actually think that maybe all of us in this commission should have a copy of some of that information he gave us because it really clarified how things are working in that area. we really appreciate that help. we also discussed the upcoming possible changes with formula retail planning code, supervisor marr had some things going out there that have not been presented yet. so we will be continuing to work on that as a committee, in terms of giving recommendations for the small business commission about ideas we may have that would be good to implement if there are going to be changes in the formula retail code. that is my report. >> chair adams: great, thank you. next item. >> 10, president's report. and commissioners there is a tab in your binder, we normally don't do that but since there is so much to report on small business week we put that into your binder. >> chair adams: i'm going to do a brief overview . cast there are a couple of things that have changed we met last week on thursday. a very productive meeting. a
the newspaper, all these things will cause you and subject you to being stopped by sfpd and the california highway patrol as well. >> april is distracted driving awareness month. >>> charged with selling $3 million worth of stolen goods on ebay. they have been charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud. they listed 17,000 items for sale on ebay. most was stolen from retail stores. >> they have signed paper work to anddite the man suspected of killing three people in las vegas. he is due to be sent from los angeles to las vegas by may 10. a status hearing is set for next wednesday. he is accuse of shooting a man. his car crashed into a taxi, killing the driver and a passengers. >>> scientists are expressing excitement about a nasa project supported by the president. ktvu's robert handa is live where scientists talked about studying astroids is crucial. >>> the presidented -- >> reporter: the president said it should be a higher budget priority than returning to the moon and today many say it is a spart decision, especially -- smart decision, especiall
chronic problems there then the sfpd will recommend they have to have security. >> go for it. you have the power. okay. >> the parlor -- is that one of the places that we visited across from the hotel that gave us a hard time? >> it's down -- >> they had the windows open and across from the hotel and they were like "who are you guys?" >> i don't think so. >> that's not them? okay. i wanted to make sure it wasn't the same. >>i have to say once we talked with the owner later in the night after this it seems we were specifically to say what steps need to be taken and he was very receptive toward that. >> okay. anybody else? >> thank you. >> thank you. public comment on police questions and comments? seeing none public comment is closed. item number seven hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits. timothy mullins doing business as four deuces hair hair sfpd. >> yeah, 2319 taraval. this has been a bar for years and had live entertainment since 2002 and the applicant would have to have entertainment two-three nights a week, mostly dj's and occasional live music a
their interaction with the sfpd and captain mowser in particular. this is a vibrant, strong, wonderful community. i'm so glad to be here, i'm so glad to hear your comments this evening. i am a lawyer during the day. i'm a labor and employment lawyer. i'm always in the castro, always in the mission and it is going to be an eye opening experience to see the mission and district through your eyes tonight. so thank you for being here. >> thank you, i'm a native san francisco -- my job is i'm a lawyer. part of that i have spent 19 years in the assistant district attorney, 10 years doing that and 9 years as an assistant in organized crime unit. i have been on the commission for 5 years now. so i think it's a true honor to serve on this commission, to be the liaison between the public and our police department. without further a do we are going to line item one and thank you all for being here. >> line item one adoption of minutes. action for the meetings of february 27, march 6 and march 13, 2013 commissioners you have the minutes in your packets. are there any corrections or changes? hearing none, is t
. this is short and off subject. we're trying very hard to keep pages out of the hands of sfpd and i know carmen announced it. it's different now. i want you to know we have a planning meeting tonight at the lgbt center on market street -- carmen what is it? five to six or five to 630? >> [inaudible] >> okay. it's tonight. so everybody come because this is a real problem. thanks a lot. >> thank you carol. we have two more people. >> hi i am edmund usey and i say in the ambassador sro. i heard great reports and police and how much they're people and we're not talking about the violence within lgbt and them and that has to with the evictions and mental health. we are san francisco and fighting for marriages for all in this country. weneed to make sure that any lgbt person in san francisco -- we need a fuller law to cover bullying with sexual minorities and others and as the sheriff talk. when i was in jail for winking at a man for a funeral a year ago i learned that the jail does better than the hotels do. they allow a lot of violence and people in the closet don't come out, still don'
with sfpd. >> what about community courts? supervisor kim: i visited the court it was modeled after, which is the red hook court in brooklyn. the judge will visit the apartments or the locations talked about in the case and he has evolved this relationship of trust with the neighborhood that think is really positive. i think we are not there yet, here in san francisco. i am not sure if that is a time issue or the tenderloin is a different type of neighborhood then -- than red hook. i think we need alternatives to our criminal justice system. i do not think our criminal justice actually works. many of the offenders to come through our system of flood started as victims of urea the community courts is a way of addressing those offenders, which is important and what i hope to see from the community court here. i do not think we are there yet. it does not mean we cannot get there. it took several years for the judge to develop a relationship with that neighborhood. >> what are your thoughts on the city's economic development? are we on track? supervisor kim: i think economic development is a p
is more of the enforcement work and working with sfpd. i think enforcement matters. i know it impacts and changes my behavior as a driver. i am a walker and a driving and the first time i got a ticket it changed my behavior and i don't want that to be the way to go about things and penalize things but sometimes it makes a difference. i don't know if mass public enforcements make a difference but i think it's okay if it's not a plains clothes officer and officers are out there and this is a priority for public safety because i think that sends a signal too and changes the behavior and not just the ticket but the presence of officers working to protect the lives of the workers and residents so i think there is a lot more i could say on the issue but i'm thankful for the work done and working with the departments and coordinate this plan that we have put forward which i think is a good one. >> thank you. thank you supervisor kim. if there are no further comments supervisor would you like to file this hearing? >> sure. we can take a motion to file the hearing. >> okay. so the motion
that sfpd had included. i did attempt to have it [speaker not understood]. my colleagues on the committee did not agree with me and so with that caveat, i will be supporting the license.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 97 (some duplicates have been removed)